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Osteochondrosis c3 c7

척추는 모두 33 개의 뼈로 구성된 것으로 우리 몸을 지탱하며 척추신경을 주관하는 중요한 역할을 하는 것이다. 각각의 척추는 디스크( 물렁뼈) 라는 연결고리로 연결되어. Osteopathy Models for Diagnosis, Treatment and Practice 2nd EditionJon Parsons, Nicholas Marcer by rusom in Types > Presentations and osteopathy models. A collection of information about Wobblers Disease SPONDYLOLITHESIS WOBBLERS SYNDROME Description Wobblers syndrome is caused by a narrowing or malformation of the spinal cervical ( neck) vertebrae which causes pressure on the spinal cord by the lower cervical ( neck) vertebrae due to either a malformation of the vertebra or a malocclusion ( when the vertebrae do not come together properly). Spine is divided into five regions Cervical Spine. This part of the spine is present in the neck and consists of first seven vertebrae.
The structure of the upper extremity is composed of the shoulder girdle and the upper limb. Thus the first vertebra is called C1 and last vertebra is called C7. Osteochondrosis c3 c7. The shoulder girdle consists of the scapula and clavicle, and the upper limb is composed of the arm, forearm, wrist, hand, and fingers. 척추는 목의 굽이( 경추) 7 개, 가슴의 굽이( 흉추) 12 개, 허리의 굽이( 요 추) 5 개, 골반굽이( 천추) 5 개와 미골 4 개로 구성되어 있다.

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